Welcome to AP Chemistry

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Periods 1-7

Welcome to AP Chem, Elements!
-Review Green Sheet
-Textbook Check-Out, name cards and The Dot acitivity

Go over Lab Safety Podcast with Lab Safety ppt and get the green sheet signed. Signed green sheet due tomorrow.
With LO 1.1 Video, patticulate level diagram video and add to the summary notes. Do LO 1.1 practice problems from Unit 1 Packet. Online resources on the Units page will help you get ready further for the Formative Asseessment on LO 1.1 tomorrow.

Law of Constat Composition, Silberberg 8e (pdf) pg 47, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures (p 44-46)

Periods 1-7
Extra Session on Basics of Chemistry (Atoms, Ions, Periodic Table) during Tutorial (Recommended for Physics/Chemistry Students

Naming activity, Clarify LO 1.1, practice w/particulate level drawings

H/W: Add to the summary notes#1 with LO 1.4 (Mole Concept) Videoand attempt LO 1.4 problems from Practice Problems1, Mole Concept Silberberg 8e- pg 95-104

4,5,6 Block
Extra Session on Electron Configurations during Tutorial- Recommended for Physics/Chemistry students

Naming Activity

LO 1.1 Formative Assessment (FA)

- Go over FA 1.1
- Go over Safety and Lab Notebook
- Do Problems on 1.4 (Mole Concept)
- Go over Mass % and Percent Purity LO 1.2

H/W: Finish LO 1.4 and 1.2 problmes from the packet

LO 1.2 (Mass % and Purity) VideoMass Percent Silberberg 8e 102-104


1,2,3,7 Block

Same as Wednesday

Reminder: Extra help today at lunch in D 206 for all students, must attend for Physics/Chemistry students by Chem Club

Periods 1-7, Extra Tutorial on moles and lab skills

Recommended for Physics and Chemistry students

Facebook group

Practice Problems Mass % and % Purity

H/W: Get a Lab Notebook and prepare it according to Notebook Guidelines. Lab Safety Rules Due Monday

EF and MF Video for LO 1.3, do practice problems from the packet, Silberberg 8e pg 104-110

Understand methodology and calculations for the Green Chemistry Lab, Lab Video (Hydrates lab, but has same procedure as Green Chemistry Lab) and come prepared to write the methodolgy in class tomorrow.


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Periods 1-7
Troubleshoot EF, MF

Write Green Chemistry Lab Procedure in the lab notebook

H/W: Extra EF and MF Problems Basic Level, Advanced Level

Periods 1-7, Tutorial: Community Building through coloring Join me in A 112 for Tranquil Tuesday activity- coloring

- Green Chemistry Lab today, Lab Video (Hydrates lab, but has same procedure as Green Chemistry Lab)

H/W: Green Chemistry Post lab, due tomorrow/Thursday. For the postlab do the following:
1.Show calculations for mass% of unknown mixture (include both NaHCO3 and Na2CO3)
2. Do question 1a from the post lab given on your handout.( no need to copy the question, just show the work.)

3. Write a source of error that will result in the higher mass percent and one error that will result in the lower mass percent of NaHCO3 in the mixture. Explain.

-Watch Hydrates Podcast, Hydrates lab video and do Hydrates practice problems from the packet

Facebook live session for Green Chem Lab Help today from 6:30-7:30 pm. Link to follow on facebook group or schoolloop.

Tutorial and 4,5,6 Block

Troubleshoot hydrates
Hydrates Lab today

H/W: Finish Hydrates problems from packet. Extra Hydrates practice problems

1,2,3,7 Block

Same as Wednesday

Reminder: Extra Green Chemistry Lab help today at lunch in D 206 for all Students


Periods 1-7, Tutorial

LO 1.1-1.4 and prepare for the summative on Tuesday

H/W: Resources for Unit 1 Summative:
1. Summative 1 Review video (Must watch!)
2. Extra practice problems for Unit 1, Key
3. Practice Summative Unit 1,Key

-Prerequisites for Physics students by units