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Balancing Redox Reactions/Voltaic Cells

H/W:-Go over ch 20 podcast1 (8:30- end) and 2 with summary notes

Voltaic Cells/Electrolytic Cells

H/W:Finish review problems starting at pg 41 #1, 3, 4, 6a, 7 and 8, due Monday, Go over ch 20 podcast3

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CAASPP Testing, Periods 2,4,6 (50 mins) Electrolytic Cells and Spontaneity in Redox Rns

H/W: Redox problems 5,9, 10 from the review, due Wed/Thur

Read, understand and finish prelab on electrolysis lab

CAASSP Testing Periods 1,3,5,7
( 50 mins)
Same as Monday

CAASSP Testing Per 2,4,6 (95mins each) Lab #1 on Redox

H/W: Finish post lab on Lab 1, due Friday

Make up 14-17 at lunch today

CAASSP Testing 1,3,5,7 (95 mins each)

Same as Wednesday


Start Electrochem Lab #2, grade lab #1

H/W: Finish post lab on Lab #2, due Monday


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Grade Lab #2

H/W: Bring completed Lab Review and lab notebook in class tomorrow to do Lab Review WS.


Finish Lab Problems handout using competed review and Lab Notebook.

Same as Tuesday

Review Reaction Prediction with ibook , pdf version of ibook

H/W: RP worksheet, Key

Complete Graphing Activity, Sample in the review packet #2

H/W: Finish Lab handout, reaction prediction ws and graphing activity, due for points on Monday

19 20 21 22 23

Go over work from last week and grade for accuracy the following: Lab Problems, Reaction Prediction, Graphing Activity

Lunch study session today for 19,20 Exam

H/W: Practice Exam for 19,20

Correct Lab Review

Go over Practice Exam 19.20 and review for exam on Thursday


H/W: Study for 19,20 exam

Same as Tuesday

Chemistry Olympiad in D 206 at 3:30 (bring non programmable calculator, #2 pencil and eraser)

Exam Ch 19, 20

Go over Review Powerpoint 1


H/W::Go over Review Powerpoint 1, pdf of Review ppt 1, with podcast and complete skeleton notes From AP Review packet #1, due Monday

Go over Review Powerpoint 1


H/W: Finish skeleton notes on ppt 1, due Monday

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Review Powerpoint 2, pdf

H/W:Finish skeleton notes on ppt 2, due thursday



Review Powerpoint 2, pdf


H/W:Finish pages 15-18 and 25-29, due Thursday

Same as Tuesday



Review Powerpoint 3, pdf

H/W: Finish pages 18-21 and 30-32, due tomorrow

Review Powerpoint 3