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Happy New Year!

Introduce Kinetics Lab

Finish CV lLab, due next Tues/Wed. For postlab, draw calibration graph, find concentration of unknown CV, plot three graphs, find rate raw and calculate value of k.

H/W: Work on CV Lab

Same as Tuesday

Finish CV lab, due next Tues/Wed. For postlab, draw calibration graph, find concentration of unknown CV, plot three graphs, find rate raw and calculate value of k, make a data table with aborbance, conc. & time data and write a brief conclusion, due next Tues/Wed.

Podcasts 1 with Ch 15 Powerpoint and summary notes. Look at Podcast help sheet from your packet.

Open Notes Kinetics Short Quiz (Formative Assessment)
Today we will start Ch 15:
Powerpoint, Podcasts 1, ICE Charts, Le Chat, Notes, summary notes, Review Ch 15, WS on Ch 15

Video by Anish Krishnan on using the calculators.

H/W: ICE Charts podcast, do problems 2, 1 on pg 11 and 1,2 on pg 12, due Monday

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Ice Charts

H/W: Le Chat podcast, and finish Ch 15 review

CV Lab Quiz- open notes

Equilibrium Lab, Link, screencast

H/W: Finish equilibrium lab, due Thursday 01/11, Lab Summary Packet

Same as Tuesday

Problems on Ch 15

Finish all problems in Review Ch 15 (same as the packet, just in case you forgot to pick up the packet), due tomorrow



14-15 Review

H/W: Watch podcasts 1, 2 with summary notes and finish pages 7-10 in Ch 16 packet, due Tue/Wed

Study for 14-15 exam and take practice exams. Practice Exam 14-15 with key, version MN quiz key, Concept Map Ch 15, Practice Quiz on Kinetics

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MLK Holiday

Exam 14-15

Start Chapter 16: Acids, Bases and Hydrolysis
Powerpoint, Podcasts 1, 2, 3, help sheet, Ch 16 notes, Review Ch 16, Summary Notes, Hydrolysis lab

H/W:Start working on page 11 and 12 in Ch 16 packet, due Friday

Same as Tuesday


Go over page 11, 12 , trouble shoot

H/W: Fnish pags 13 in Ch 16 packet, due tomorrow


Trouble shoot page 13

H/W: Learn Salt Hydrolysis with podcast 3

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Work on prelab on Hydrolysis lab

H/W:Do prelab Hydrolysis lab , question 8, 15 (on pg 13,14) due tomorrow


Correct Hydrolysis Prelab

Perform Hydrolysis lab


H/W: Watch Ksp Podcast and take notes

Same as Tuesday

Make up Exam 14-15 @ lunch in D 206

Study session on Acid, Base, Hydrolysis

Weak Acids/Bases and Hydrolysis short quiz (Open notes)

Introduce Ksp with Ksp activity

H/W: Do problems 1,3, 1,2,1 from page 7, Ch 17 Worksheet, due tomorrow

Finish Ksp Activity, start Ksp Lab

H/W: Finish Ksp lab, due Monday

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Correct Ksp Prelab and finish Ksp Lab

H/W: AP Ksp problems from Ch 17 WS

Ksp postlab, due Thursday

H/W: Refresh SA-SB titrations that we did in I Sem and come prepared to take a open notes short quiz on this Podcast on Titrations with SA-SB WS and complete pages 2,3 in the packet, due tomorrow

Go over Ksp problems and take an open notes Ksp and SA-SB Titration Short Quiz

Correct 14-15 Exams and SQ on Acid, Base, Hydrolysis

H/W:Watch Podcast on Titrationsand complete pages 4-7, due Thursday

Same as Tuesday