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Unit 12: Game Design

Unit 10: Game Design

  • Concept List (Description)

  • Video Presentation Rubric

    Video Submission and Review

    During 5th week (before Friday's class), please submit your video to YouTube. There are directions on how to do this at YouTube's website.
    Be sure you select your video to be PUBLIC or UNLISTED. (Not private.)
    Get the URL for the video once you have it posted. Copy it and paste it into the form below that corresponds to your teacher. If you have trouble, you can email your URL to your teacher, along with your name and your period. Be sure to try the URL you mail out yourself, and make sure you don’t have to be logged in to Google to view it. If your URL is not viewable, you may earn no credit for the video.
    Conlin's Video Submission Form
    Mueller's Video Submission Form

    Over the Weekend following your video submission (before Monday’s class), you will be assigned 4 videos to watch. You will be assigned 4 numbers in class. These numbers should be written down. Use the Spreadsheet Link corresponding to your teacher, below, to match each of your numbers up with a video to watch. If you are assigned '6' in class as one of your videos, look for row 6 in the responses from the form. For each, you will rate it according to the following categories (see actual forms linked below, to see option ranges for each of the four questions). If you the video you were assigned is not viewable, use the next highest number, or if your number is already the highest possible number, use video 2 in replacement.
    Here are rating questions you will answer on the form:
    • If you were of the appropriate audience, would you buy this game?
    • How engaged were you during the video?
    • How were the aesthetics of the game (layout, use of color, images, flow/continuity)?
    • What’s the overall score you’d give this game, based on a 100-point scale. (For example, 92 is an A, 50 is an F).

    Here are the Spreadsheet Links:
    Conlin's Spreadsheet of Video Submissions
    Mueller's Spreadsheet of Video Submissions

    Submit your ratings in the Google Form below associated with your teacher. You will fill out the form once for each video/game; there is an option to submit an additional response after you submit each response.
    Conlin's Review Form
    Mueller's Review Form

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