Monta Vista Music Boosters

The Monta Vista High School Music Boosters Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The object and purpose of this association shall be:


What was funded last year. What are costs for this year.

Music Booster Officers

Names and contact information.

Fund Raising Events

List of events and dates.

Some General Information

a.       # of members
b.      # of students
c.       % of parents contributing
d.      # of fund raising events
e.      Money raised by each event

Volunteer Opportunities

List of events and dates.

How Can You Become a Volunteer?

Database? Volunteer cooordinator contact information.

How can I Volunteer as a Board Member?

President's contact information, list of board positions currently needed to be filled.


Link to a way to send questions, suggestions, comments or concerns.