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This page is dedicated to all things that are Concert Band. Traditionally a 9th grade course, this is the 3rd level of band here at MV. Yearly performances include a debut concert, a mid-winter concert and a spring concert.

Performance Calendar for the 2011-2012 school year

Event Name

Seating Auditions

The auditions for seating within each of the sections occurs the first week we are in school. A scale is required for all members (any scale EXCEPT for concert Bb will suffice). Every member of the class must provide no more than 2 minutes of a rehearsed piece. Examples and/or excerpts can be provided if necessary. These excerpts should provide a representation of the skills that the student has mastery of.

The tentative audition schedule is:

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday
  Percussion Clarinets Clarinets Alto Sax Pep Band
    Flutes Flutes Trumpet  
      Alto Sax Horn Makeups
      Trumpet Trombone After School
      Horn Baritone  
        Tenor Sax  
        Bari Sax  

The schedule above is subject to change without notice. Students are repsonsible for being prepared to be called on any day to perform their audition.


For chair placement audition information, click here.