Useful Links 

Here are some links in Chemistry that I found to be useful. You might want to check them out. If there are any other interesting links that you are aware of, please let me know.

Chemicool Periodic Table

General Chemistry Online

  Interactive Periodic Table

  Chemistry Links

  Info. on SAT

 Acid Rain

Free Graph Paper

Periodic Table Trends

Halloween Party

2002 Nuclear Chemistry Presentations

2002 VSEPR Website

Chemistry Tips

Use of Digital Camera and PowerPoint

Chap 3 Website, Development of Atomic Model , Filling of Orbitals

Naming Animation, Sig Figs Intractive Website

Balancing Link

Power Point for Chemical Equilibrium

Link for Spec-20

Thermochem Link , Another Thermochem Link

Ksp Powerpoint

Organic Chem Tutorial