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Safety Notes

Review for Chap 1 and Safety Quiz
Concept Map 1,1
Chapter 2 Study Guide
Chapter 2 Notes
Chap 2 Review, Chap 2 Review Key
Cookie Lab
Chap 2 Worksheet
Factor Label Method W-S
Chap 1 Notes
Periodic Poster Project
Worksheet 1 for P3 project
Worksheet 2 for P3 project
Study Guide Chap 3
Chapter 3 Notes
Moles Practice W/S
Mole Worksheet (#2)
Atomic structure timeline
Quantum Number w/s

Review for Chap 1 and 2 test

Elements Study Guide
Review for Chap 3,4 Test
Answers to review for 1,2,3,4 Test
Guideline for Making 3D Model on Periodic Properties
Chapter 22 Powerpoint
Online Resources for Nuclear Chemistry
Chap 22 Review
Chap 5 Powerpoint
Chap 5 and 22 test review
Chap 6 Study Guide
Notes on Formal Charge
Practice on Lewis Structures
VSEPR worksheet
Competed Table from Chap 6 Notes
List of Ions
Review for Chap 6 Quiz
Flow Chart for Naming Compounds
Percent Composition Notes
Empirical Formula Notes
Empirical Formula from Combustion Data
Review for Chap 5,22,6 and 7 Test
Jeopardy review for chap 7
List of Cations with Variable Valency
Molecular Formula Notes
Chapter 8 Worksheet 1
Chapter 8 Worksheet 2
Review chap 6 & 7
Answers to Chap 9 Bookwork
Stations Activity
Chap 9 Powerpoint
Review chap 8,9
Study guide chap 10
Extra Credit Assignment for Semester I
Review for gases
Review for Chap 11 quiz
Guidelines for Gas Portfolio
Gas Stoichiometry Lab: Learning by Design Lab
Practice W/S on Stoichiometry
Phase Diag w/s
Chap 11, 12 Review
Chap 12 Activity Stations
Chap 12 Vocab Words
Review for Chap 10 &11 test
Chap 12 Power Point
chap 13 Study Guide
molarity w-s
Ice cream lab
Dissociation W/S
Colligative Properties w/s
Solubility Rules
Net Ionic Equation W-S
Observation table for qualitative lab
Review #1for chap13 and 14 test
Review #2 for Chap 13,14 Test
Study Guide acids and bases
pH w-s
Problems on titration
Chemical equilibrium Notes
Answer to Pink Review Sheet for acids and Base Quiz, Answers to Blue Review Sheet for acids and base quiz, Answers to pg 5 in pkt
Review for acid base quiz
Chemical Equilibrium w-s
Instructions for making spec-20 Manual
Review for Quiz on Chemical Equilibrium
Acid Base Power Point
Review for Acid Base Make Up Test, Answer Key
Review for Chap 17,18 Test, Answer Key
Le Chatelier's Principle Notes
WS (2) on Weak Acids and Bases
W-S on weak acids and bases
Review for test on weak acids and bases
Review for Acid-Base Test
Study Guide for Buffers and Hydrolysis
Key for Redox and Organic Review
Redox Notes
Electrochemical Cells Assignment, Grading Rubric
W/S on Redox
Year End Project, Grading Rubric
Guidelines for Acid Rain Project
Thermochemistry Study Guide
Thermochemistry Notes
Page 19 in Thermochem Pkt, Key
Page 13 in Thermochem Pkt, Key
Hess's Law W/S
Thermochemistry W-S
Organic h/w, Organic h/w KEY
Review for Thermochem Quiz
Review 1 for II Semester Final
Review 2 for II Semester Final
Review 3 for II Semester Final