Frequently Asked Questions

(Honors classes)


Q1. I was absent on _______________(fill in day). Did I miss anything important?

A1. Yes.


Q2. Can I get extra credit for __________________ (fill in description) ?

A2. No.


Q3. Will this be on the test?

A3. Maybe. Everything's fair game.


Q4. What will the test be on?

A4. 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper.


Q5. What will the test cover?

A5. 8-1/2 by 11 inches of your desk.


Q6. What will be on the test/quiz?

A6. Numbers, symbols, and words.


Q7. What topics will be tested?

A7. I don't know. I haven't written the test/quiz yet.


Q8. Will calculators be allowed on the test?

A8. I don't know. I'll decide when I write it.


Q9. If I do really well second semester, will you raise my grade for the first semester?

A9. No.


Q10. Will there be a "re-test"?

A10. No.


Q11. Will this test/quiz be curved?

A11. No. I adjust the grading scales for all of your work taken together, not for individual tasks.


Q12. Do you compute grading scales for each class section separately, or for all your students taken together?

A12. Everybody together (so don't tell later classes about your test!).


Q 13. I've been getting very low scores and the semester is almost over. What can I do now to bring up those old grades?

A 13. Invent time travel, go back to the first day, and do better this time.


Q14. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

A14. The egg. There were dinosaur eggs long before there were chickens.