Climbing in the Alps (Mont Blanc), July 2012


That's me, ice climbing on the Mer de Glace glacier.
Above is the Valle Blanche, which I crossed from France into Italy.
Above is a view from the Italian side.
Traversing the ridge shown above took some nerve. Climbers call it the "arete de Poulet-merde" (ahem!). The path is ice, less than a foot wide, and the drop to either side is huge (measured in thousands of feet), so it's not for the faint hearted. The feature above it is the Aiguille du Midi.
The pointy bit in the photo above is called the Dent du Geant (giant's tooth).
A view through cloud down toward the French village of Les Houches
Chamoinix is a nice little town right at the bottome of Mont Blanc