Grading Policy

Attendance, Teamwork, Class Participation, and Attitude: 30% Today's engineer must work effectively in a team. Best results are accomplished when all team members work together, compromise, and openly communicate with each other. Students are expected to have a positive attitude in class. In-class behavioral expectations are the same as professional work expectations. It is OK to stand in the back if you need to move around. This grading is done after each and every class period.
Projects: 30% Scoring will be described at the beginning of each project. Oral presentations will be part of this grade.
Quizzes and Final Exam: 20% Quizzes will cover material recently covered by lecture, lab, and homework. The final exam covers all material from the beginning to the end of the semester .
Homework: 20% All homework are counted toward the grade. Extra Credit will be added here.

Semester Grades: There are two progress report periods for grades and then the final semester grade. The two progress reporting periods may have marks of + or - but the semester grade will have only the letter grade..
Attendance Report: Consistent attendance is an important in the workforce. Phone calls will be going home after the 3rd absence in a semester.
Extra Credit: Extra credit will be available throughout the semester. Check in on the 'Extra-Curricular Activities' page for more details, or ask Mr. K.
How to get an A: Turn all work in on time, fulfill all requirements, have a neat presentation, use English according to your grade level, participate in the projects, and write names on material turned in. Special considerations made on individual basis requiring a parent - teacher conference.
Late assignments: I will accept late assignments for one day but there will be a 10% penalty. I may accept later turn-ins if there are extenuating circumstances.

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