Course Description

ROP Engineering Technology is a UC accredited elective science class offered at Monta Vista High School. This vocational course is intended to introduce the student to various engineering careers and launch them towards a successful technical career. The course follows the 'Hands On - Minds On' philosophy so we do a lot of team oriented projects to teach the principles. There are also numerous extra-curricular activities to enhance the student's understanding of technical opportunities. Browse the 'Extra-Curricular' page for more details.

Students utilize a seven-step design process to transform an idea into a physical, testable product. Physics principles, math concepts, and communication skills are taught through an activity-oriented approach. In electronics, they implement digital logic functions, understand basic transistor operation, and identify the key wafer fabrication process steps. In civil structures, students build a two ounce, 24-inch long truss bridge made from manila file-folders that supports over 11 pounds. They also run simulations and conduct a mathematical analysis to determine the safety factor. In mechanics, students will get to experience how gear ratios affect torque and speed. Students prepare to join today's technical workforce by using team problem-solving techniques, documenting experiments in a notebook, and demonstrating professional language, behavior, and attire. Participation in the annual Tech Challenge robotic competition is part of this course.

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